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We’ve been working with Tower Hamlets on a programme of walks and activities in May. Join us for bug club walks - from foraging to pollinators and moss!

We’re adding a new green roof to our kitchen! Come along to find out how to plant one. 

R-Urban is back with a packed programme for 2024. Join us every Thursday for our regular green skills volunteering, which runs from 11am-1pm. There’s a free halal, vegetarian lunch for everyone who attends!

R-Urban and Leaders in Community are really excited to now be part of the Breathe London community. We’ve installed a pollution monitoring node on site and are developing some programming connected to air quality. We’ve also installed a live audio stream of the site as part of the Locus Sonus network! In 2024, we’ll be spending some time exploring how sound and air quality data can work together. 
We were over the moon to receive the ‘Best Newcomer’ award at Tower Hamlets in Bloom 2023. It recognised the hard work of our volunteers and growers, as well as our hero horticulturalist Katrina!

Our DIY cob tandoor is now up and running! 

We’re excited to be part of the Great Green Estate project. It asks what changes need to happen to make Poplar HARCA’s green spaces more climate resilient, community-led and sustainably managed. Find out more, and sign up to events here!

R-Urban is hosting some workshops as part of a free AQA Level 1 Urban Growing Course in October 2023! Find out more by emailing chloe.johnston@poplarharca.co.uk

Some courgettes, marrows and pumpkins harvested this summer at the Teviot Centre.

September workshop programme at R-Urban. Sign up for events via our Eventbrite.

Our new solar dehydrator in action - preserving the glut of summer fruit and veg for the colder months.

Thanks to Nana Maiolini for this wonderful film of last year’s Climate Companions festival. A version of this film is used as our website homepage.

A handout from our recent computer building workshop with Edwin Mingard.
The R-Urban mushroom farm! You can buy delicious Poplar-grown mushrooms weekly from Alani - usually on a Monday and Friday. Find out more here.

Our weekly volunteering sessions include a free lunch. Join us from 11am-1pm every Thursday.
Our summer 2023 programme

A hand-out from a recent herb propagating workshop as part of Climate Companions. Thanks Katrina!

A clothing repair workshop with Sunnyjar

The Climate Companions programme for June and July 2023.

A food smoking workshop in June 2023

Our Spring 2023 Programme.

Building a new grey water system for our kitchen, May 2023

A 1x1m square study by Emily Llumigusin an architecture student from CSM using situated drawing to learn from a community allotment in the R-Urban space and its interconnection to the neighbourhood of Teviot.

Building a new pond, March 2023

Our regular volunteering sessions run on Thursdays from 11am-1pm - please join us!

This video tells the story of the wider R-Urban project.

Our 2022 repairs programme

Samosa making workshop in Summer 2021.

In summer 2022 we hosted a two week festival of learning called Climate Companions. Check out the programme above.

Mycelium and hemp block building tests from Climate Companions in September 2022. Photo by Marc Cowan
Find out about Andy’s PhD research here.

Our 2022 Companions programme.

Repairs Cafe sign by Angharad, 2022.

Until 2017 we were based in Hackney Wick. Our old website lives on and gives you a snapshot of what we were up to back then.

In 2022 we welcomed UAL Climate Studio to R-Urban, where we hosted a climate curriculum for recent graduates. As part of this we worked with Making for Change and two designers in residence Alisa Ruzavina and Hayley Caine, who developed an art/design/activist practice around natural dyes and growing, through an eco-feminist lens. Film by Nana Maiolini.
Between 2017-2019 we were part of the Actors of Urban Change project.
Picking tomatoes at the Teviot Centre!

In Summer 2019 we hosted the learning festival ‘Performing Togetherness’.
Image by our friend and collaborator Nana Maiolini from a natural dyes workshop in summer 2022 hosted by Alisa Ruzavina and Hayley Caine.

Autumn radishes from the Teviot Centre garden.

Harvesting Pumpkin Seeds - workshop handout.
Sauerkraut workshop with Eka Davies from Summer 2022.
Back in 2021 Andy was interviewed to talk about our role as part of Wen’s JustFACT project.

In July 2022, R-Urban hosted the launch of the Making Futures book. Carlotta Novella and Gaia Crocella prepared an incredible discursive dinner to accompany.

We were recently part of the ProShare research project with partners across Europe.
Winter gardening tips from Katalin.

Katrina and an impressive pepper plant!
Building a Pasta Ceiling at the Production of Togetherness summer school  in 2019.

Picking tomatoes at the Teviot Centre.

Summer Harvest!
A friendly worm from our compost heap.

Autumn Growing Checklist.

Make a Salad, Summer 2021.